4 Realms of Manifestation: Mental, Energetic, Emotional, Physical

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About Pamela Chen

Author & Manifestation Coach
Pamela Chen is a business, wealth, and money manifesting coach. She helps high achieving powerful creatives and visionaries access potentials and opportunities from the quantum field and akashic records through expanding their energetic awareness to infinite possibilities and real magic. In doing so her clients have manifested with ease, grace and flow feeling abundantly rich in all areas of their lives not just in their bank accounts.   Pamela is also a published author and deck creator with Llewellyn worldwide having already published Witchling Academy Tarot, Enchanted Crystal Magic and Tarot of The Owls coming in 2023. She has also recently signed Caticorn Tarot with US Games. When she is not writing or coaching she loves to cuddle with her chickens, watch Korean drama, and eat spicy Cheeto puffs with avocado.    www.Magicalpam.com  Email: pamela@magicalpam.com


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